Structured Conversations

Structured conversations enable us to deeply understand problems, clearly articulate objectives and understand a full spectrum of options for the future.

The Structured Conversations model is a unique combination of best-practice methodology which includes Investment Logic Mapping (ILM)Better Business Cases (BBC)IAP2 and a range of policy, strategic planning and communications frameworks. This unique model, developed by Alicia McKay, uses interactive and engaging workshop facilitation, to coordinate a structured conversation for your organisation. 

The result? 

  • A deeper understanding of strategic issues
  • Early engagement and buy-in
  • A compelling, evidence-based case for investment, change or review.

For more about what a structured conversation looks like take a look at this post.

Business Cases

Investment Logic Mapping

Public Sector

Local Government

Policy and Strategy Development

Service Delivery and Management Systems Review

Who We Work With

Structured Conversations work in all sectors - being content-free is a strong asset in a facilitator or business case developer. 

We have successfully worked with local government, tertiary education, health, central government agencies, social and non-profit organisations and private businesses.