What is Investment Logic Mapping?

ILM is an vital tool to develop a strong case for investment. It is a structured conversation that is used to articulate the think phase of a possible investment, policy or initiative.

ILM uses conversation strategies to extract issues, drill down into a problem and understand causes, effects and responses. These conversations are a highly effective way to 'get your head around' a problem.

How does it work?

  • Key decision-makers come together for a two-hour facilitated discussion
  • The 'investment story' is mapped out on a single page, using Plain English language and concepts
  • The story develops through each workshop, giving a clear line of sight across each stage

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Why use ILM?

  • Ask the hard questions early
  • Make sure the problem exists
  • Identify whether there is a compelling case for change
  • To test the 'logic' of an existing investment or initiative.

The AMBC Difference


Alicia McKay has completed the fundamental and advanced programmes endorsed by the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) in Melbourne, Victoria. This best-practice knowledge complements extensive training and experience in facilitating workshops, defining problems and crafting strategic interventions that get results.


Alicia has a sharp strategic eye that pulls themes and issues together constructively, making sense of tricky problems. A strong believer in being content-free and developing ownership, Alicia ensures that participants are rewarded for their input, as they see the 'story' take shape in their own words.


Not afraid to challenge assumptions, question methods and ask the all important "so what?" is a key skill of an effective ILM facilitator. Alicia brings this challenging approach to the table, quickly grasping context, spotting gaps and asking tricky questions.


Alicia is a popular choice of facilitator for her fast-paced, engaging style. With a positive attitude and wicked sense of humour, Alicia's signature approach energises participants and builds faith in the ILM process.