What are Better Business Cases?

The Better Business Cases (BBC) methodology is a powerful structured conversation. Mandatory for all capital expenditure proposals that require Cabinet approval, BBC is now infiltrating other government departments and crown agencies, including DHBS, the TEC and several Councils.

BBC is a disciplined and structured approach to spending decisions, focusing on evidence-based analysis. It integrates neatly with other key management processes including policy, planning, risk management, procurement and service delivery review. Importantly, the process is scalable to the significance of the proposal – adding value, not cost and time.

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The BBC Spectrum

  • Strategic Assessment
  • Initial Business Case
  • Detailed Business Case
  • Programme Business Case
  • Implementation Business Case

How does the BBC process work?

  • A series of workshops are held with key stakeholders to understand the issues (ILM is a great tool here too), generate and evaluate options and analyse risks and benefits (the Strategic and Economic Cases)
  • Interviews with subject matter experts will deliver further detail about potential commercial, financial and management arrangements (the Commercial, Financial and Management Cases)
  • A business case will be drafted, in close consultation with the organisatio, that outlines the output from these workshops and interviews, incorporating input from other experts and professional services as appropriate.