Business Cases (BBC) Practitioner | Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) Facilitator |

IAP2 Practitioner | BA (Hons) Politics | BA Political Science, Communication | Postgraduate Certificate in Business

Alicia McKay is an expert facilitator, policy and strategy specialist and passionate advocate for the power of a structured conversation. A former policy analyst, Alicia established a successful consulting practice in early 2014 and has now worked with dozens of satisfied clients including local authorities, NGOs, universities, District Health Boards and central government agencies.

Valued for her down-to-earth workshop approach, vibrant enthusiasm and wicked sense of humour, Alicia earns trust and credibility with stakeholders at all levels. Able to distill complex information into clear trends and key messages, Alicia quickly grasps issues and context, to facilitate productive conversations and produce compelling reports, strategies and deliverables.

Bringing together knowledge and experience from across the public and private sectors, and extensive training in facilitation and decision-making frameworks, Alicia has refined a unique approach to solving problems and planning for the future.

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